Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Time=Entertaining time!

Thanks to Duncan Hines for sponsoring my writing. There's no limit to the baking possibilities, so grab your favorite Duncan Hines mix and Comstock or Wilderness fruit fillings and Bake On!

Hi BADD girls and guys! I'm so delighted to come to you today with a new blog post! August of this year until now has been a compete whirlwind! Now that we are in the hustle bustle time of the holiday season, I wanted to take a moment and write about one of my favorite things about this time year. Okay maybe two. The first being spending time with friends and loved ones. The other is the BAKING! Oh the glorious BAKING. Halloween until January is just the best/worst time of year for getting your grub on. When I combine that with hanging with my's a definite winning combination!

I recently attended my first cookie exchange of the year, and it was FAB! We had about 9 girls who all made homemade goodies to swap. I made Christmas Crack aka the most addicting chocolate bark in existence :)

I came home with a plate of some of the most scrumptious treats and I only had to make one! Cookie exchanges are the BOMB! The best part was we all sat around sipping cider and just chatting about our families, our future plans, and just enjoying the morning. It really was sweet. Pun totally intended :)

What are some of your favorite things to do this time of year? Do you and your cronies do anything unusual or unique? A cousin of mine goes with her friends to a "Christmas Idea House" in Arizona where you go to a fully decorated MANSION and shop for holiday decor. I could just imagine me hauling off an entire mantle display..because I so totally would and not give a rip about what anyone said about me! Ha!

I would la la LOVE to hear what you enjoy doing this time of year! Leave a comment below and give me the deets!

Happy holidays to you and yours!


Remember to check out Duncan Hines' website to find some great recipes for your holiday get-together! I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective.