Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You look very Pinteresting to me....

I like to think out of the box. I love finding a way to be inspired. I long to be someone that inspires others. The inspiring others might have to wait because I'm spending WAY TOO MUCH not enough time on Pinterest. Oh to the Em Gee. Definitely obsessed. Like I don't get enough inspiration from what's in my google reader, I have found yet another valid reason to procrastinate the laundry. My favorite shirt is in the hamper as we speak, but life can wait...I have some serious pinning to do! I'm sure some of you are on Pinterest, love it, and go through 4 diet cokes in a row while pinning your favorite things. It's like therapy. No thinking. Just pinning. 

If you have no idea what the crap I'm talking about, and love cataloging things that you love and will use later for let's say....a birthday party, a kitchen makeover, a sweet hairstyle, a wedding, a new recipe, THIS is the place as brother Brigham would say. 

I URGE you to make a stop here on your internet sesh today and check this web genius-ness out. To say it's "rad" is a serious understatement. You can check out my pins here. I guess the site was in beta for awhile and you still need an invite to join. So IF when you want an invite, I'd be happy to share the love!

Here are some of the latest pins I found....

Welcome to the wonderfully addicting world of Pinterest. If you are on there already, leave a comment so we can follow you!

Happy Pinning!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm so happy it's Friday! My Mr. has a four day weekend, and we are planning on spending time with friends old and new, and taking the kids on a surprise trip to Sea World! I'm soooo ready for a long weekend as a family. The start of summer is one of my favorite times of the year. 

With that being said, I would like to share my quick Memorial Day, get ready for summer, totally yumm-o version of the s'more...

Have you been down  the marshmallow aisle lately? Good gravy there are so many flavors and types, it's almost overwhelming...at least at my local grocer it is. I stumbled upon these "stacker mallows" and thought, "It's about DANG time someone made these puppies!" I promptly bought a bag because I had S'mores on the brain. (by the way my P90Xing has been awful...but there's always another Monday right?) Anyway, back to the mallows. After my impulsive buy I drove straight home and told the kids I was gonna make them a super messy and tasty treat..

Bust out the Stackers..

 Throw some NUTELLA down on your grahams. And oh yes, you must know that I might NOT EVER put a Hershey bar on my grahams again after this little discovery..holy deliciousness!

As Hamm says on the Sandlot movie, "Then you put the mallow on the graham."

Nuke it in the microwave because its WAY TOO HOT in San Antonio to build a fire..


Needless to say Aiden was a happy boy..and he so politely begged for a napkin and a glass of milk :)

We hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend enjoying family, friends, good food, and the freedom that we all enjoy because of the men and women that have paid the ultimate price for our blessed country!

See you all next week!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kitchen Jar Labels

I have a confession. I have a secret love affair with labeling stuff. However, that does NOT mean that I'm organized in any way shape or form. That would me my Mr.'s forte. When we unpacked our stuff from Hawaii, I found at least FOUR label makers. Yes you read four. Obsessed much? Maybe. At least I know that I can misplace 3 and still have the power to label it up...if I could organize myself enough to have stuff to properly label...HA! 

Rewind to just a few months ago, before Sara had her Silhouette and when her flour and sugar jars were naked. She asked me if I would kindly label her jars using one of her fave fonts with my commercial vinyl machine. Ever since, these babies have been popping up in the kitchens of those I love. 

This particular image is from my cousin's kitchen in Arizona...her house is TO DIE FOR! I could blog about it for at least a week...

Cute right? My cousin purchased these jars at Wally World, and turned them into something very "Un Wally." Just a quick inexpensive spruce up of a basic glass jar made her little dry ingredient section of her counter just that much more "her."

Here's a close up..

What's up with your flour and sugar jars? Are they naked and kinda boring? If you don't have a way to cut vinyl, I'd be happy to send you some! Just e-mail me and we can make the jars in your kitchen feel happy and loved :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Feature} Persia Lou bathroom redo!

Have you ever seen something really cool somewhere in the blogosphere, and then have an "uhm what?!" moment? Like, that is SERIOUSLY how they did that? Then promptly after you start thinking of where you could do such a thing? That happened with our feature today. The super talented and sweet Alexis at Persia Lou took PAINT PENS and revamped her bathroom walls. I must admit that is probably the very last thing I would ever think of doing, but it's people like Alexis that make me LOVE the creative blog world. She took her cute bathroom and gave it some "oomph" for under 5 bucks. AND IT LOOKS RAD. Profesh, and kinda perfect in that space. Check it out...

See? I told you! I had my "Excuse me what?" moment and then thought, how frackin' cool is that?! Alexis is super creative (duh), and sweet and I'm so happy she has a blog with lots of really cool content that I can be inspired by almost daily. You should really stop by and say hola, and maybe jump on the Persia Lou bandwagon and follow her radness too :)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to get SNAPPY folks!

Howdy Blogland! I remember growing up writing in my journal, and when I didn't have much to say I would always start with, "Today is (insert day here), and I like today because...

Welllllll, today is TUESDAY and I like Tuesday because there's only ONE DAY LEFT to vote in the SNAP! creative blogging conference giveaway! I entered this thing, committed social suicide by writing a rap and then PERFORMING it on YouTube for all to see, because I want to attend THAT BADLY. Here are the reasons why, but you can also visit the original post (and the whitest white girl rap ever) here.

- Blogging is awesome, and the crafty blog world is full of so much talent and inspiration it's borderline ridiculous

- The women that are heading up this event are THE BEST OF THE BEST, and I think we need to be their friend :)

- BADD has deserves to be super dope, and all of the love felt at SNAP! will definitely be a huge inspiration to make this blog a daily stop for the handmade/DIY/party planning/foodie/photography/mommy kind of community.

The list goes on and on, but at the risk of sounding all sappy and lame I'll stop there. :)

If you have the time for 2 more clicks, go to this link and click the vote on #4 (Lauren@BADD). Only one vote is needed. THANK YOU! GRACIAS! MERCI! GRACIE!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Munchies debut!

I've made an executive decision. Mondays at BADD are going to be the day we feature "Monday Munchies." Recipes that are the BOMB in my humble opinion. If you saw my butt lately you'd trust my recipe judgement, promise. I tend to know where everything is based on what food places are in the vicinity. Annnnd it just so happened that I recently moved to the SECOND FATTEST city in the United States. Lucky for my taste buds, not for the butt referenced above. Maybe Tuesdays at BADD can be "Tone Up" Tuesday, since you stuffed your face with the Monday Munchie, you might need some help undoing what Monday did to your bathroom scale. HA! Actually, I'll leave the fitness tips to the fitness bloggers, because this recipe is sure to make Tony Horton and Shaun T cringe :)

Without further ado, I give you the richest yummiest looking brownies I have seen in a VERY VERY LONG TIME.

It's the Farm Girl's Cookie Dough Brownie Recipe! Can you say Heaven in a 9x13 Pyrex? Yes Ma'am I can!

{Image from Farm Girl}

Lucious, chocolatey, cookie doughy, triple yummage if I don't say so myself! Their blog post has a link for a handy dandy printable too, now isn't that kind?! I signed up to bring a treat to an event this week, and I bet you'll never guess what I'm bringing! ;)

Do you have a favorite recipe that everyone asks you for? We would love to feature it on BADD and give you some  blog lovin'! You can e-mail us at here and we will get ya goin'.

Happy Munchin' bloggies!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shabby Glam Sign...

I found some curtains for my daughter's room at IKEA, and I've been slowly piecing her room together using those as my inspiration. I have an idea that I got from Char at Crap I've made that involves wood shutters. I made this sign SPECIFICALLY to be hung with the shutters once they are finished. I found them on Craigslist and am going to pick them up tomorrow! Talk about stoked. I can't wait to show you all the final product!!

To make my "shabby glam" sign I purchased a 16x20 canvas from Hobby Lobbythen painted it one of the colors that is in the curtains.

Here's your plain white canvas..

Paint please? I chose this color..

I really wanted to spray paint this to save time...oh well..

Most of you bloggies have worked with vinyl, have a machine that cuts it, etc. So I will save you time and won't bore you with the tutorial on how to cut/transfer/apply vinyl lettering :)

My next step was to apply the vinyl I designed and cut out to my dried canvas and glue on some "bling." I love it.  

Here's the end result with the curtains next to it..

It's feels soooo good to have this room coming together. I love having an idea in my head and actually seeing it come to life. Now on to the shutters...... ;-)

We linked up at Whipperberry's Friday Flair! #38 :)

Here too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HELP! This table needs a lift!

What on Earth should we do with this entry table?? When we moved from Hawaii to Texas the movers JACKED up the varnish on this baby BAD. The top is absolutely hideous and needs to be saved! The options are ENDLESS I know, that's why I'm getting an expert opinion from the blogosphere. Should I paint it? Stain it? Throw it away? Change the knobs? Stencil? 

Leave a comment below and let us know what YOU would like to see happen to this piece, and we will post the results in the near future! 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Lately you can find me up all hours of the night dreaming of having a super rad blog, with my super rad friend, Sara, and how we can bring the best of the blogosphere to our readers in one happy, shabby chic, creative, inspiring, innovative and totally awesome spot. This was the vision for BADD many moons ago, and through raising toddlers, being married to men who fight for our freedom daily, one of us moving across an ocean, and just plain ol' life has gotten in the way of these goals. As a result, BADD has been filled with our own projects, a few followers and comments, and a general LACK of consistent posting. However, I think our "BADD idea" could be oh so great with a little guidance and help from the goddesses of the blogosphere, aka the team heading the SNAP conference in April 2012! This superfab conference will be the ticket to creative blogging and social media, and well as have some of the gals I tend to blogstalk in between scrubbing potties and unloading the dishwasher.

I have found that blogging, for me, and attempting our own little space on the net, has given me an opportunity to be a part of a sisterhood that outstretches further than I could ever reach otherwise! Each day I get inspired, empowered, challenged, motivated, and definitely feel the love. I've never found a group of people so positive, happy, and willing to share and lift others up. It's the highlight of naptime to log on and see what's everyone has come up with that day. I want to be able to inspire and uplift just as I have been. And SNAP could definitely be the catalyst to spring BADD into serious action!

So, with that said. I feel like BADD should win a ticket to the conference next spring. To be surrounded by such creativity and pure blogging/branding/DIY/event planning GENIUS would definitely be a HUGE treat. If you could make our BADD dreams come true and give us your vote...that would be most marvelous!

{Vintage Revivals} A. MAZ. ING. Dresser Rescue!

Today's feature is from an AMAZING girlie from St. George, Utah. Maybe you have heard of her. Maybe you follow her blog. I just stumbled upon her and her awesomeness last week and am SO glad that I did! It's Mandi from Vintage Revivals! I read her story on her blog after drooling over this dresser redo and decided right then and there that she's my latest blog crush. I bet her house is so dang cool, and vintagey, and DIY to the max. LOVE! She coined the phrase "Thrift Shop Glam" and I just think she's great. Below is the dresser that I wish I could have in my house, and I hope this inspires you all to take something crappy and make it ridiculously fantastic. I know it did for me. I'm on a hunt now for a dresser for Aiden's Star Wars/outer space room that I can remake into "galactic greatness." Enjoy! And if you think Mandi is as awesome as I do, go say hi and tell her that the BADD girls sent you her way!
Happy Monday Lovies!


1Dresser Redo 118

Silhouette Acid Mirror 019

Silhouette Acid Mirror 031

Coolness? Doesn't it make you wanna go to the DI right this instant? I can't wait to see what I can get my hands on. You can go visit Mandi and this dresser in all her glory here :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

{SHE} is our first Feature!

I love anything personalized. It could be a beach towel, necklace, baby blanket, mug, a sugar cookie, or better yet... personalized stationery! Do you think that writing letters just to say "hi" or "miss you" are becoming more and more old fashioned? I think so, especially with the good ol' internet. I swear I know more about my loved ones through Facebook than anywhere else. Don't get a girl wrong, I'm all over the web..(uh hi, I have a blog, I LIVE on Facebook, and I tweet). However, to me, something personal and thoughtful and HANDWRITTEN speaks to my soul anyday over "textual relations." So naturally, when I saw the Spring collection of personalized stationery by SHE PAPERIE, I immediately sent an e-mail an ordered a set. 

Now hear you me, I am NOT an impulsive person. My hubbs can vouch that I can take five years a little while to decide on anything. Not when it came to these babies. No siree. I needed some {SHE} in my life. And I needed it like yesterday.

Have you heard or have been to SHE PAPERIE? If you haven't yet, today is the day. Suzanne is one of my most FAVORITE people who walk this earth. Seriously. She's a graphic designer (duh). She's an event stylist (been featured on Amy Atlas) She's a mom to the cutest twins I know (dead serious). She can take anything and put the "Suzanne spin" on it and make my heart swoon for days. I wish I could just put her in my pocket and take her everywhere. But since I can't I have to settle for her FAB stationery. I already picked out who is going to receive the first card, but I waited to write it until I could share them with you. So without further ado, here are my pretties!

And get this. The envelope color for this set is called 'Pear'. Made me love them even more!

Aren't they gorge?? I was just so happy to receive these pretties in my mailbox! Here's a little sample of other designs from She's Spring collection.. all images courtesy of SHE PAPERIE + DESIGN BOUTIQUE.

You can view the full posts here and here

If you haven't checked the SHEness out yet... I beg of you, DO IT. Do not pass go, do not switch the laundry. Eye candy and all things beautiful await! Tell Suzanne you're a BADD girl and say hello!