Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Speckled Eggs

Hi BADD readers! I know, quite the hiatus! Life has been hectic
for some of us, and not so productive for the others... so not
the best mix for projects. We should be back on track though!

So I saw these adorable eggs, on this blog, a few days back. I thought
they were darling, and worth a try!
Every year I buy new Easter eggs... even though I keep the eggs
from the previous year. LOL so basically I'm drowning in eggs!!!

I decided to turn them into something more decorative... give them
a new life. Really, you could use any color scheme and/or any color
paint. It's Easter, there are no rules on egg color{s}! So go crazy :)
I opted for blue and green. I already had the blue spray paint at
home, and green stood out as the perfect match. I was limited on
the texturizing spray paint, so I opted for the lightest {texturizing
spray paint is pretty awesome, by the way}.The tutorial said to use plastic primer. I could not find any, as
options are pretty limited on this island {or I only went to one store...},
so I decided to risk it. I haven't had any problems with the paint coming
off, so I'd say that's an optional step ;)
Also, instead of using paint, I just used spray paint. I laid down my
eggs on some newspaper, and turned on the spray. LOL those little
guys flew every directions! So, I got smart, and grabbed an empty
egg carton. I laid each side on the bumps in the carton, like so....It worked out pretty good. I did have more of an issue with some
eggs not being totally covered. So I had to apply some touch-ups to
I did a round two batch the following day, and this time, had the
idea of filling the eggs with a large rock. Brilliant! Also, since the help
of my two year old was unavoidable... it was a perfect way for him
to help out! He'd collect the rocks, help me fill the eggs... and was
a happy helper! Spraying them this way, both sides got a much more
even coat.
Here's another thing two year old helpers are good for...
making pretty rows of eggs.
So the order I went; light coat of spray paint, once dried - apply
a light {or desired} coat of texturizing spray paint. Once that was
dry, another light coat of the base color spray paint.And the end result... These were the first round of eggs. I
decided I prefer a lighter coat of texturizer.These are from the second batchI found this big vase at Savers, for $3.99. Which is a STEAL
for the Savers by me... I think it's the perfect fit.I then filled this basket {$1.99 at Savers} which some
overflow eggs
It was a pretty fun project! Now I'm thinking I want to add
some light brown, or cream colored eggs in the mix! Yes, please! :]

I think these eggs are perfect for Easter wreaths, sitting in
a nice vase, or decorative basket! A great way to use up those
eggs from last year!


  1. Cute idea. And very inventive way to paint them using the egg carton. I would have never thought of that. And LOL about drowning in eggs!!

  2. Loved Sara! Really cute idea! :)