Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silly kid photos sponsored by Plum Organics

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My kids crack me up sometimes. I've really been trying to find "joy" in the moment and just take in this stage of life, because I know i'm going to blink and it's gonna be gone. I try to capture the everyday moments, and most of my kids lives are in an album on my iPhone. I'm sure I would miss lots if my phone didn't have a camera on it. I just love technology! Last week the kids got dressed and their outfits sort of coordinated, so naturally I seized the opportunity to  TRY and get a good picture of them. the word TRY is key here. It just seems absolutely positively IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent picture, with two clean smiling faces looking straight at the lens. I sure hope this "phase" passes, because sometimes it drives me bonkers! Here's an example of what I am talking about....

It's usually Aiden, the older one, too! Why is it so hard to just look at the camera? Every time I look at this image I cant help but laugh. It's so "classic Aiden." Averie, my daughter, knows how to ham it up pretty well, and kind of LOVES looking at snapshots of herself. She definitely gets the "ultra vain" award from this group!

Although it's not a framer, this picture is perfect in its imperfection. It captures their personalities in the best way. It's where they're at, and it's who they are at this stage of life. I love them dearly!

I'm so grateful to be the mother of these two. For it's them who fuel my creativity, my desire to be better, and to try new things. I know I'm the one home with them teaching them all the things about life, but they are the ones teaching me. Do you have a photo of your little ones that just captures their silliness perfectly? I would love to see it! Email us your photo and you could be featured in our crazy kids post once school starts!



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  1. Well I don't have kids yet but I might be able to find a silly picture of my niece and nephew!