Thursday, July 7, 2011

Corky Monogram Initials

I have a trifle bowl on my island that is slowly filling up with corks. I have plans to make a "real" cork board once it's full, but it's taking me FOREVER to get enough. Luckily my dear friend Jacqui donated some to my stash, but I have TONS more to go. However, Lauren (the other LB) at the Elephant's Trunk made the most ADORABLE cork initials for her new home, and I absolutely love them! Do you have any idea how sweet and talented this girl is?? She's got her super fun blog, AND her Etsy Shop filled with things that scream "I could see this in my life right now!" She does some custom canvasses as well. I happen to have an idea for my kid's bathroom! Lauren is just beautiful inside and out, and I had to share these with you all today. Click here to see her super easy tutorial :)

What are some of your corky ideas??


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