Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My First Handmade Gift Exchange!

In June I participated in Craftaholics Anonymous' bi annual handmade gift exchange. I had a darling partner that is quite the seamstress!!! I was elated, because without my friend Kristen, I can't sew crap. Seriously. It's sad. Anyway, after a few emails, we both got ideas and got to work. My oh my was I PUMPED to receive my gift. It's like this girl has known me for years!

Here's what came in the mail...

This ADORBS little organizer for my shopping lists/coupons/Costco card etc. 

This AWESOMELY sewn apron just for me. She must have known I bake apronless :) Not anymore!!!

I designed and sent her this tile with one of my favorite sayings along with a few other personalized vinyl items for her home.

I had a great partner! Thanks Amber for my awesome gifts! I highly recommend this gift exchange! The next one comes in the fall, just in time for the holidays!



  1. Awesome!!!! I sooooo need to participate next time! :)

  2. I love it! What a great idea! That tile is beautiful.

  3. The projects you have worked on is superb !!

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