Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The to do list

My to do list is ever ending. I thought if I shared it with you maybe it would motivate me to get the job done! There's nothing like going the extra step to try and make yourself accountable...riiiiight? This is what's on my list.

Figure out what to put on these to make them awesome sauce in Averie's room..

After Friday I can finally stain and hookup this table in my entry...

I need to tweak my Etsy shop a bit...okay a LOT.

I need to vacuum, dust, windex, bleach, and scrub EVERYTHING in my house.

I need to grocery shop

Make something YUMMY for a church activity Thursday

Design vinyl for Aiden's room

Get an oil change in Jon's car

Organize my pantry (again)

Laundry. yikes.

Refill prescriptions

Keep Averie from killing herself (this is constant)

Finish organizing the guest bedroom. DOUBLE yikes.

Start planning Averie's 2nd birthday

Find Jon a rad tie for our semi formal event on July 23rd

Now that I'm typing this out it all seems a bit silly that I stress about this stuff!

What's on your to do list?



  1. Ugggghhhhhhhh! Reading your to-do list reminds me of mine, and I want to barf.

    I swear, am I the only person who wakes up every single morning feeling behind?!

    Anyways! I am totally jealous of the shutters, and the entry table!!! Both are going to be amaze-balls, I just know it!

  2. You can totally do this....plus add playgroup on Friday. :-) See ya at church on Thursday especially since I know you will be making the treats!!!

  3. You can do it! And even if you can't, who REALLY needs clean laundry! Vinyl & decorating are WAY more important than chores! ha! :) {maybe that's why my house is always a mess}

    PS. I think you should add some pretty bunting to those gorgeous shutters & call em done! That green color is GORGEOUS!!! What color is that?

  4. Haha I know what you mean, I have a Task App on my iPhone (Tasker Lite) and I will never get everything checked off I swear. I do reccommend it though for anyone who has an iPhone, when you complete something you check the little box and it dings. Very satisfying. :)

  5. The S List looks just about as long as yours. Oh, and add on building a house. I hope I make it to see the day when it's all built, LOL.

  6. I make to-do lists like crazy... and on most of them is the line 'make a to-do list for tomorrow'. Making to-do lists is on my to-do list.

    I need therapy.

    I do the easiest thing first! That's usually a nap. :)