Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time for a change

There comes a time in one's life where one might be just itchin' to change SOMETHING. It could be the bedding in your bedroom, a clean out of your cabinets under your sinks, getting your yard pretty, de-cluttering, etc. For me the time has come. I need to get on some serious de-cluttering...of the junk in my body. Getting out of the shower is just not very pretty lately, and I feel like nobody but me should ever have to see the TOO MUCH junk in MY trunk. Straight ewww. Now, I'm not a big person by any means, but I am the heaviest I've ever been, and my clothes aren't comfy and I just don't feel "cute" anymore. So, yesterday I turned over a new leaf, and started getting myself off the sugar. Sugar and I have a definite love hate relationship. I'm COMPLETELY addicted and can't stop eating it. Like ever. That is the one place in my life where I have absolutely NO self control. Not to mention BAKING is one of my most favorite things to do. I look forward to Mondays simply because BADD has a Monday Munchies post, and the recipes are tried and true and absolutely FABTASTIC. Notice there was NOT a munchie post this week, I've been way to focused on my new eating plan. Wanna hear it? Great! I love to share!

I am basically eating a low carb diet all day and drinking TONS of water. For dinner, I eat a normal meal that everyone can enjoy and I even have my dessert right after. The trick is right after and then STOP. I give myself about 30 minutes to do this. The meal with high carbs/sugar has to be consumed consecutively, none of this "oh let's have brownies 30 minutes after you eat your entree." I'm trying to keep my blood sugar level at a steady level, but only letting it spike ONCE a day. And guess what? It's working!! I've shed a pound and a half and feel pretty good!

Here's an example of my day's food.

2 egg omelette with veggies (red and green bell pepper) and a little low fat cheese
bottle of water

cucumber slices lightly drizzled in ranch
crack open a new bottle of water

can of albacore tuna mixed with 1tsp mayo and mustard to taste
small glass of coke zero 

baggie of baby carrots  

Buffalo chicken thin crust pizza
fresh dark cherries
scoop of ice cream
handful of M&Ms
small green salad ( I bagged the salad..I was veggied out)
H2O with a crystal light packet

I thought it was gonna be horrible...but I survived! I just kept telling myself, you can have it LATER tonight when you eat dinner!

I am so not a dieter, I always focus on what I can't have, and I fail miserably. So I'm thinking this little plan might work because I DO get my sugar fix, and I can adjust it to my needs. For example, if I have a baby shower or similar event, I can have my "power hour" at a different time where I eat my cake and treats and still be on track with my goals. Win win for this girl. The best part? Monday Munchies can go on without guilt! ;)

I'd ideally like to lose 15 pounds, but more importantly get rid of my addiction to sugar/breads. I'll post an update once a week and chat for a minute about my progress. Does anyone else want to join in? I'm ALL about a buddy or two to do this with me!

Here's to less junk in the trunk and kicking the sugar habit, (except for that one GLORIOUS time of day)!



  1. Good luck. I wish I could lose some weight. So far I've only lost 3 pounds since June.

  2. If I'm not on a diet, I can go hours without thinking about food... the second I'm on a diet, I'm desperate for my next meal. It's ridiculous.

    I can't wait to see how you do on this diet! It sounds moderate enough to not drive you crazy with cravings. Good luck!

  3. Good Luck!! I joined Weight Watchers about 8-9 weeks ago and have been losing about a pound a week. I think i might be able to lose more if i went out walking but it has been so hot here i don't even want to be outside.

  4. You are adorable Lauren! You look awesome! I have a few suggestions to get you on track:
    1. Isagenix Shake & Cleanse (haha, of course)
    2. Read The 4-hour body (almost identical to my competition prep.)
    3. Sign up for a bikini competition!!! (It's CRAZY how disciplined you get!- There's one in LV in November. You could totally do it! And kick butt!)
    I always have more advice if you really want it all HAHA. Good luck!

  5. Good luck on kicking the sugar!!! :)