Friday, June 10, 2011

I wanna getaway!

{image from good ol google}

Today is Friday. Yippee! Friday means I don't usually cook, I try to get my house cleaned up for the weekend, my husband is HOME, and I don't have any official plans. The hustle and bustle of the summer has started, and I don't even have school aged kids yet! A summer vacation would be oh so fabulous. A cruise to be exact. Where my husband and I can eat, lay by the pool, eat, get dressed up, eat, relax, eat, and enjoy being together in a laid back atmosphere. That's what I wish we could do to recharge my batteries. What are you doing this summer? What do you WISH you could be doing this summer? I really wanna know! The reality of my summer will be mommying, wifing, cooking, cleaning, CRAFTING, VINYLING, and finally launching my Etsy shop, Kittens and Gumdrops. Not as relaxing a cruise, but definitely jam packed full of fun!!

Hope all of our BADD girls have a fun, safe, staying cool and spending time with family kind of weekend! See you next week with a new Monday Munchie recipe and the final result of Averie's "Char" shutters!


  1. Yay for launching your etsy shop :) I do have a summer vacation but nothing as exciting as a cruise planned - just visiting family in MI and NJ - which means a lot of DRIVING from where we live in Texas ;)

  2. I hope you blog about your etsy experience - I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    I, too, want a summer vacation of relaxation. However, I think mine will be spent on my hammock in the evenings watching the dogs chase each other in the backyard. Maybe next year we'll go to wine country for some relaxation!