Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I won a Giveaway!

Hooray! I won my first giveaway last week on Whipperberry! I couldn't believe what I was reading! Whipperberry is one of my most favorite blogs on the planet, and to be featured there AND win a giveaway sent me straight to blog heaven. Would you like to know what I have won? I'm super excited to show you...

I was the LUCKY winner of a $30 credit to the shop Charmingly Chic Boutique! Seriously? $30 bones to spend on handmade AWESOME jewelry that I normally wouldn't buy myself because I'm obsessed with dressing my 2 kids and shopping at Target? YES PLEASE! I was so tickled pink it was borderline ridiculous. Lori is the owner of this darling shop, and she was such a delight to work with. I received my packages fast too! Yippee skippee! Here's what I chose...

It was time. Time to jump on the Keep Calm and Carry On train, although I'm a little tardy to the party :) I'm so in love with this one! I want to wear it everyday!

The other choice was a vintage rose getup, which I adorned yesterday and got LOTS of compliments...totally made up for my lack of mascara ;)

Simple. Fun. Well made. Just like I like the stuff in my life. Charmingly Chic has LOTS of items in their shop and are totally reasonably priced...and it looks like the CC blog *might* be having a SALE! Check em out today! I doubt you'll leave without wanting 42 things in your jewelry box stat!

Of other totally NON RELATED news...I was out watering the front yard last night and my little man stepped on a WASP NEST. He was stung THREE times by those suckers and screamed like his hand was being cut off. It was rather horrible. My husband saved the day by removing the stinger out of Aiden's nose with nothing but a butter knife. My hero. ;) Little man had a pretty good reaction and it looks like he's gonna make it. The joys of parenting, and yard work, never cease to amaze me!

Have a great Wednesday! 


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