Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Juicy deals for moms everywhere!

I have another confession (I seem to use this blog as a place for that). I'm slightly obsessed with deal sites, such as Groupon, Living Social, babysteals, baby half off, etc. However, as a mama, those deals don't always work for my current way of life. I still stalk them anyway and ooo and ahhh over what deals come to my inbox. I kind of wish that I would know someone who has tried the deal out, knows about the place that's offering the discount etc etc. To me, it's not a good deal to get a deep discount on family pictures if the photographer stinks, just sayin'. ;) 

Do any of you guys feel that way? I know someone who did, the peeps that started Juice in the city! It's a daily deal site that was created BY MOMS and for MOMS! Did the heavens just open and are the angels singing? Yes indeed they are. Summer is here and that means ALL of your kids are home, bored, eating you out of house and home. Well, at least that's what my siblings and I did! We would always complain of boredom even though my mom had us in all kinds of activities all summer long. Well, Juice has a daily deal that goes straight to your inbox, and they are spreading their juiciness all over the country! All deals are sought out by local moms in your area who have tried the deal first hand and can highly recommend it. Rad? Yes ma'am. Am I pumped about Juice in the City? Duh. Should you be? If you are a lover of all things cheap, deeply discounted and have the spirit of 'adventure' by trusting mamas in your town, then YES! ABSOLUTELY! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! 

You can go to the Juice site and sign up for their daily e-mail, and start loving the deals!You can even sign in through Facebook. I just love that. No need for yet another username and password. Like I said, angels are singing from on high. :) Also, if you find juice isn't in your area YET, shoot them and e-mail so they can work on getting the Juiciness in your neck of the woods, it's only a matter of time!

I am delighted to share this new source for deals with our fellow BADD girls! 

May your inbox be filled with deal you know you can trust and LOVE!


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