Monday, June 20, 2011

{Monday Munchies} Procrastination style

Happy Monday! What I should be saying is...cough cough sniff...sniff blow cough...Monday really isn't too happy at our place, we are all feeling quite YUCKY! All of us except for the baby...let's hope she doesn't get the gunk we all have, that would be no fun for this mama. :(

The Monday Munchie this week is my favorite cinnamon roll recipe that I made for Jon as part of his Father's Day present, they're his favorite! However, since I've got a fever and have a sick boy to tend to, this post just might not make it today...I apologize. Here's a sneek peek of these babies just after cutting and placing them in their pan for the oven..

These might be worth checking back for later today or tomorrow! Hope everyone else is healthy and happy!!


1 comment:

  1. Mouth is watering!! Waiting...patiently...kind of. ;) Is this Nathel Slater's recipe I gave you? Feel better soon!!