Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unleash the inner Drama Queen {juice in the city}

There's a fun juice deal today that I really want to share! In case you are new to the BADD blog... Juice in the City is a daily deal site that features deals that are tried and true by moms in your local community! It's all about beefing up local businesses and saving a buck in the meantime. I'm so glad I discovered them before summer started, the kids and I are gonna take advantage of some of the fun stuff that has been offered! Today's deal is one of them!

My husband and I always say that our son, Aiden, has SUCH a flair for the dramatic. His sister is more of the rough and tumble type, while Aiden is much more analytical and well...just plain ol' dramatic. His imagination is vast and he's always acting out scenes from Star Wars or Ironman. He even has his friends and gymnastics teachers calling him Ironman. Too funny. This age is awesome!

Anyway, Juice in the city is offering a great deal today to "unleash that inner drama queen/king" and get your babes in some acting classes!


Two months worth?!?! There's your summer folks! :) Acting up academy in San Antonio says this about their mission...

Our goal is to help every young person achieve "Social Presence", the confidence to speak up in any situation. We will achieve our goal through the use of Creative Drama which includes Theatre Games, Improvisation, Storytelling, Pantomime, Diction, Vocal Projection and more. Most importantly, we will have FUN doing it!

Totally cool right? I never would have thought of doing something like this for my kids...but since Juice has brought it to my attention, I'm definitely looking into it. I hope you do as well!

And the OSCAR goes to........

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