Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kitchen Jar Labels

I have a confession. I have a secret love affair with labeling stuff. However, that does NOT mean that I'm organized in any way shape or form. That would me my Mr.'s forte. When we unpacked our stuff from Hawaii, I found at least FOUR label makers. Yes you read four. Obsessed much? Maybe. At least I know that I can misplace 3 and still have the power to label it up...if I could organize myself enough to have stuff to properly label...HA! 

Rewind to just a few months ago, before Sara had her Silhouette and when her flour and sugar jars were naked. She asked me if I would kindly label her jars using one of her fave fonts with my commercial vinyl machine. Ever since, these babies have been popping up in the kitchens of those I love. 

This particular image is from my cousin's kitchen in Arizona...her house is TO DIE FOR! I could blog about it for at least a week...

Cute right? My cousin purchased these jars at Wally World, and turned them into something very "Un Wally." Just a quick inexpensive spruce up of a basic glass jar made her little dry ingredient section of her counter just that much more "her."

Here's a close up..

What's up with your flour and sugar jars? Are they naked and kinda boring? If you don't have a way to cut vinyl, I'd be happy to send you some! Just e-mail me and we can make the jars in your kitchen feel happy and loved :)


  1. I'm a new follower (from SNAP!) and you have to watch this fake news clip

    Your jars look great!

  2. Labels make me happy! Hopping over from SNAP! Congrats on making the top 5. Good Luck! Hope to be able to meet you at SNAP next year! But for now I am your newest follower :)