Monday, May 16, 2011


Lately you can find me up all hours of the night dreaming of having a super rad blog, with my super rad friend, Sara, and how we can bring the best of the blogosphere to our readers in one happy, shabby chic, creative, inspiring, innovative and totally awesome spot. This was the vision for BADD many moons ago, and through raising toddlers, being married to men who fight for our freedom daily, one of us moving across an ocean, and just plain ol' life has gotten in the way of these goals. As a result, BADD has been filled with our own projects, a few followers and comments, and a general LACK of consistent posting. However, I think our "BADD idea" could be oh so great with a little guidance and help from the goddesses of the blogosphere, aka the team heading the SNAP conference in April 2012! This superfab conference will be the ticket to creative blogging and social media, and well as have some of the gals I tend to blogstalk in between scrubbing potties and unloading the dishwasher.

I have found that blogging, for me, and attempting our own little space on the net, has given me an opportunity to be a part of a sisterhood that outstretches further than I could ever reach otherwise! Each day I get inspired, empowered, challenged, motivated, and definitely feel the love. I've never found a group of people so positive, happy, and willing to share and lift others up. It's the highlight of naptime to log on and see what's everyone has come up with that day. I want to be able to inspire and uplift just as I have been. And SNAP could definitely be the catalyst to spring BADD into serious action!

So, with that said. I feel like BADD should win a ticket to the conference next spring. To be surrounded by such creativity and pure blogging/branding/DIY/event planning GENIUS would definitely be a HUGE treat. If you could make our BADD dreams come true and give us your vote...that would be most marvelous!


  1. LOVE!!! You kill me! Well you know you have my vote! Go LB, I hope you get it!

  2. Tee hee. I love your video sooo very cute & creative! Hope to meet you next year in Salt Lake City!

    In the meantime, good luck!


  3. I'm sure you'll win because you are the bestest blogger! You always brighten my day! Love, PC

  4. FAB creative! Good luck with the conference.

  5. Is there anything I'm supposed to do to vote for you other than "Like" your vid?

    Luv Ya
    Auntie Confused