Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Feature} Persia Lou bathroom redo!

Have you ever seen something really cool somewhere in the blogosphere, and then have an "uhm what?!" moment? Like, that is SERIOUSLY how they did that? Then promptly after you start thinking of where you could do such a thing? That happened with our feature today. The super talented and sweet Alexis at Persia Lou took PAINT PENS and revamped her bathroom walls. I must admit that is probably the very last thing I would ever think of doing, but it's people like Alexis that make me LOVE the creative blog world. She took her cute bathroom and gave it some "oomph" for under 5 bucks. AND IT LOOKS RAD. Profesh, and kinda perfect in that space. Check it out...

See? I told you! I had my "Excuse me what?" moment and then thought, how frackin' cool is that?! Alexis is super creative (duh), and sweet and I'm so happy she has a blog with lots of really cool content that I can be inspired by almost daily. You should really stop by and say hola, and maybe jump on the Persia Lou bandwagon and follow her radness too :)


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