Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to get SNAPPY folks!

Howdy Blogland! I remember growing up writing in my journal, and when I didn't have much to say I would always start with, "Today is (insert day here), and I like today because...

Welllllll, today is TUESDAY and I like Tuesday because there's only ONE DAY LEFT to vote in the SNAP! creative blogging conference giveaway! I entered this thing, committed social suicide by writing a rap and then PERFORMING it on YouTube for all to see, because I want to attend THAT BADLY. Here are the reasons why, but you can also visit the original post (and the whitest white girl rap ever) here.

- Blogging is awesome, and the crafty blog world is full of so much talent and inspiration it's borderline ridiculous

- The women that are heading up this event are THE BEST OF THE BEST, and I think we need to be their friend :)

- BADD has deserves to be super dope, and all of the love felt at SNAP! will definitely be a huge inspiration to make this blog a daily stop for the handmade/DIY/party planning/foodie/photography/mommy kind of community.

The list goes on and on, but at the risk of sounding all sappy and lame I'll stop there. :)

If you have the time for 2 more clicks, go to this link and click the vote on #4 (Lauren@BADD). Only one vote is needed. THANK YOU! GRACIAS! MERCI! GRACIE!

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  1. New follower here....I seen your cute video over on SNAP..Good luck in the contest....I so wish I was brave enough to make a video!

    Maybe I'll see ya a the conference:-)