Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Munchies debut!

I've made an executive decision. Mondays at BADD are going to be the day we feature "Monday Munchies." Recipes that are the BOMB in my humble opinion. If you saw my butt lately you'd trust my recipe judgement, promise. I tend to know where everything is based on what food places are in the vicinity. Annnnd it just so happened that I recently moved to the SECOND FATTEST city in the United States. Lucky for my taste buds, not for the butt referenced above. Maybe Tuesdays at BADD can be "Tone Up" Tuesday, since you stuffed your face with the Monday Munchie, you might need some help undoing what Monday did to your bathroom scale. HA! Actually, I'll leave the fitness tips to the fitness bloggers, because this recipe is sure to make Tony Horton and Shaun T cringe :)

Without further ado, I give you the richest yummiest looking brownies I have seen in a VERY VERY LONG TIME.

It's the Farm Girl's Cookie Dough Brownie Recipe! Can you say Heaven in a 9x13 Pyrex? Yes Ma'am I can!

{Image from Farm Girl}

Lucious, chocolatey, cookie doughy, triple yummage if I don't say so myself! Their blog post has a link for a handy dandy printable too, now isn't that kind?! I signed up to bring a treat to an event this week, and I bet you'll never guess what I'm bringing! ;)

Do you have a favorite recipe that everyone asks you for? We would love to feature it on BADD and give you some  blog lovin'! You can e-mail us at here and we will get ya goin'.

Happy Munchin' bloggies!


  1. THANKS! I truly appreciate it. They are heaven and hopefully they don't go straight to your hips :)

  2. I hope that treat is either coming to Tues or Wed event that I will be at with you :)