Friday, May 13, 2011

{SHE} is our first Feature!

I love anything personalized. It could be a beach towel, necklace, baby blanket, mug, a sugar cookie, or better yet... personalized stationery! Do you think that writing letters just to say "hi" or "miss you" are becoming more and more old fashioned? I think so, especially with the good ol' internet. I swear I know more about my loved ones through Facebook than anywhere else. Don't get a girl wrong, I'm all over the web..(uh hi, I have a blog, I LIVE on Facebook, and I tweet). However, to me, something personal and thoughtful and HANDWRITTEN speaks to my soul anyday over "textual relations." So naturally, when I saw the Spring collection of personalized stationery by SHE PAPERIE, I immediately sent an e-mail an ordered a set. 

Now hear you me, I am NOT an impulsive person. My hubbs can vouch that I can take five years a little while to decide on anything. Not when it came to these babies. No siree. I needed some {SHE} in my life. And I needed it like yesterday.

Have you heard or have been to SHE PAPERIE? If you haven't yet, today is the day. Suzanne is one of my most FAVORITE people who walk this earth. Seriously. She's a graphic designer (duh). She's an event stylist (been featured on Amy Atlas) She's a mom to the cutest twins I know (dead serious). She can take anything and put the "Suzanne spin" on it and make my heart swoon for days. I wish I could just put her in my pocket and take her everywhere. But since I can't I have to settle for her FAB stationery. I already picked out who is going to receive the first card, but I waited to write it until I could share them with you. So without further ado, here are my pretties!

And get this. The envelope color for this set is called 'Pear'. Made me love them even more!

Aren't they gorge?? I was just so happy to receive these pretties in my mailbox! Here's a little sample of other designs from She's Spring collection.. all images courtesy of SHE PAPERIE + DESIGN BOUTIQUE.

You can view the full posts here and here

If you haven't checked the SHEness out yet... I beg of you, DO IT. Do not pass go, do not switch the laundry. Eye candy and all things beautiful await! Tell Suzanne you're a BADD girl and say hello!

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